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Well, Finally got everything disassembled. Time to load it up and take it to my buddys for blasting, then priming. The frame is very rough, sounded like a rainmaker when we stood it on its end! Thinking of fabricating a new one, I could fix this one, but really it would only be a stop gap. I would eventually just have to take it all apart and add more patches. So most likely will fab a new one. Can buy new frames for $1200.00 plus shipping, the frame is not that complex and can build it less than just the shipping of a pre-made one. So here is the jeep and all the parts headed to my buddies. Feel like the Beverly hillbilly’s. Talk about a Jeep in a box!
The good news is my new tub, well new to me its a 83 tub from Antelope California! Originally quoted 800$ for shipping which was basically the price I paid for the tub itself. wend to and got it delivered to my door for $325.00 It should arrive this week Wednesday or Thursday!





June 22nd 2013 – Dissasembly complete!

Well, it was a very hot and humid weekend here in the Chicago suburbs, but I managed to complete my CJ disassembly. Removed the Engine and trans, and the tub all by myself. Well I had a cherry picker doing the heavy lifting. To the man that invented the reciprocating saw… THANK YOU. While trying to remove the body mounting bolts I found that the rust had eaten through so bad they would just spin in place! So I strapped it to the picker and started cutting through them. Finally got it out of the way and on the trailer. I unfortunatly found some rust holes through the frame, but luckily the frame is in pretty ok shape except in the very back, which will be easy to cut off and repair. Here are the picks!






A few shots of the TUB shows the current rust situation, leading me to get a new tub. Found one in Cali, original CJ7 no rust. Ordered it and trying to find someone to deliver it fo a reasonable price. Original price to ship is 900.00!



The motor and Trans



The rusted frame section.









So its time to repair the frame, and start ordering parts! I will create a seperate link to each part as I install or reapir different parts. So you can easily find pictures and information on each step.


Well, I returned home from Japan and did not have a whole lot of time as I had my kids this weekend. However I was able to take about an hour and get the rear axle removed. So far so good, with all the removal only 4 bolts have broken off, and one was already done before I started. I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, at least with dissasembly anyway.





And removed the dash panel…. oops the steering wheel needs to be pulled. I don’t have a puller…that’s how its gonna have to sit until next weekend!



Well, should get the remaining parts removed so I can get the body off this weekend. I hope!

June 15th 2013 – More removal

Well, I started to remove the engine the other day, have drained and removed the radiator, alternator, power steering pump and the wiring harness. I must say the engine looks very small without those parts. I did not get any photos as I was preparing for a trip out of the country. I will be gone for a week, however I did arrange for a guy to come out and do a bunch of sandblasting for me! It’s and hourly charge, so I am trying to find anythign and everythign I can that needs blasted. If you live in the Lake county area and need somethign blasted let me know, we can have a bunch of things done at once and save some money! I keep thinking while I am in asia I should visit the phillipines and check out the repopped tubs, however I dont think that will be possible. I will post updated pics when I return


So I started working on her last night and was tired of just removing parts. I just had to see something shine. So I grabbed the angle grinder and abrasive pad, turned on the compressor threw on a face shield and dove in. WOW I found gold



Frame Front Driver Front

Frame Front Driver

Well ok, its steel not gold but still it looked like gold to me. I realized a few things…

1. Under all the rust the frame is in pretty good shape
2. Using this technique it will take forever for me to get the frame clean
3. I cant make myself get rid of the whole tub, it may take much longer but I am going to get the replacement parts and repair this one.

I may end up taking the frame, once I get everything stripped off, to a blaster and have it cleaned. It will be much faster and they can get into all the nooks and crannies much better than I can. We will see.


So I arrived home the other day, and had the kids so nothing done. However I had a present waiting for me! My service manuals, I drooled most of the evening after the kids went to sleep looking through them. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the fact that while all the tools required were listed along with the special part numbers, no other part numbers are listed! I assumed (I know) that the stock part numbers would all be listed for each part. I also assumed that along with the proper torque specs they would list the correct fastener length and size for each one. Well, I suppose I will have to do a bit of trial and error when putting it all back together. For those of you that need these I purchased mine for $70.00 from Faxon Auto Literature on EBAY.
Service manual


Well made some good progress last night. I was able to remove the front clip. Which is to say I removed the few bolts still holding on. I planned on about an hour of work, my plans were changed. The few bolts were not ready to let go, thanks to liquid wrench and a ratchet with an extendable handle, I finally won. Although my hands and arms show how well the old CJ fought back!

5-29 Front Clip Removed

Still a long way to go

Still a long way to go

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

So after looking at this for a while I decided that getting it road worthy was not going to be as quick as I thought. I had planned on just replacing the fluids, brake system, and fixing the lights as the engine runs great. I then also noticed that the temperature, gas and oil gauges were not operational. Still not too tough to fix so I thought. Upon further inspection the oil pressure gauge does not work because the adapter was broke off where it connects to the block. The wiring is totally not up to par and the gas tank while it holds fuel, has a hack wiring and pump system buggered up.

I decided I had two choices, part it out, or tear it down and completely rebuild it. Being a glutton for punishment, and always biting off more than I can chew, I decided to do a frame off complete rebuild. So step one… Up on the jack stands and begin to dissemble…..

Remove the wheels and get that front axle out.

I ended up having to cut off the U-bolts on the front axle as they were so torn up my impact wrench and half a can of liquid wrench would not loosen them up! If anyone has any tips on getting the front rear leaf spring bolt out let me know. Impact wrench – just turns the bolt about 45 degrees and the spring moves with it. I am assuming there is a metal tube inside the spring bushing that is rusted to the bolt, so may end up cutting the bolt off. I am trying to save the springs although I am not quite sure why, as they will be replaced with the lift kit I intend to install. – UPDATE once again the great bunch at came to the rescue, I will be cutting the bolts out when I get back to town!

With having my kids every other weekend, and traveling internationally for work I will only be able to work on this sporadically. Check back for updates!