So I started working on her last night and was tired of just removing parts. I just had to see something shine. So I grabbed the angle grinder and abrasive pad, turned on the compressor threw on a face shield and dove in. WOW I found gold



Frame Front Driver Front

Frame Front Driver

Well ok, its steel not gold but still it looked like gold to me. I realized a few things…

1. Under all the rust the frame is in pretty good shape
2. Using this technique it will take forever for me to get the frame clean
3. I cant make myself get rid of the whole tub, it may take much longer but I am going to get the replacement parts and repair this one.

I may end up taking the frame, once I get everything stripped off, to a blaster and have it cleaned. It will be much faster and they can get into all the nooks and crannies much better than I can. We will see.

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