June 15th 2013 – More removal

Well, I started to remove the engine the other day, have drained and removed the radiator, alternator, power steering pump and the wiring harness. I must say the engine looks very small without those parts. I did not get any photos as I was preparing for a trip out of the country. I will be gone for a week, however I did arrange for a guy to come out and do a bunch of sandblasting for me! It’s and hourly charge, so I am trying to find anythign and everythign I can that needs blasted. If you live in the Lake county area and need somethign blasted let me know, we can have a bunch of things done at once and save some money! I keep thinking while I am in asia I should visit the phillipines and check out the repopped tubs, however I dont think that will be possible. I will post updated pics when I return

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