Well, Finally got everything disassembled. Time to load it up and take it to my buddys for blasting, then priming. The frame is very rough, sounded like a rainmaker when we stood it on its end! Thinking of fabricating a new one, I could fix this one, but really it would only be a stop gap. I would eventually just have to take it all apart and add more patches. So most likely will fab a new one. Can buy new frames for $1200.00 plus shipping, the frame is not that complex and can build it less than just the shipping of a pre-made one. So here is the jeep and all the parts headed to my buddies. Feel like the Beverly hillbilly’s. Talk about a Jeep in a box!
The good news is my new tub, well new to me its a 83 tub from Antelope California! Originally quoted 800$ for shipping which was basically the price I paid for the tub itself. wend to and got it delivered to my door for $325.00 It should arrive this week Wednesday or Thursday!





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