Memorial Day Weekend 2013

So after looking at this for a while I decided that getting it road worthy was not going to be as quick as I thought. I had planned on just replacing the fluids, brake system, and fixing the lights as the engine runs great. I then also noticed that the temperature, gas and oil gauges were not operational. Still not too tough to fix so I thought. Upon further inspection the oil pressure gauge does not work because the adapter was broke off where it connects to the block. The wiring is totally not up to par and the gas tank while it holds fuel, has a hack wiring and pump system buggered up.

I decided I had two choices, part it out, or tear it down and completely rebuild it. Being a glutton for punishment, and always biting off more than I can chew, I decided to do a frame off complete rebuild. So step one… Up on the jack stands and begin to dissemble…..

Remove the wheels and get that front axle out.

I ended up having to cut off the U-bolts on the front axle as they were so torn up my impact wrench and half a can of liquid wrench would not loosen them up! If anyone has any tips on getting the front rear leaf spring bolt out let me know. Impact wrench – just turns the bolt about 45 degrees and the spring moves with it. I am assuming there is a metal tube inside the spring bushing that is rusted to the bolt, so may end up cutting the bolt off. I am trying to save the springs although I am not quite sure why, as they will be replaced with the lift kit I intend to install. – UPDATE once again the great bunch at came to the rescue, I will be cutting the bolts out when I get back to town!

With having my kids every other weekend, and traveling internationally for work I will only be able to work on this sporadically. Check back for updates!

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