Here is the pictures I had of the jeep when I decided to pull the trigger and buy it.

Well the CJ was dropped off last Saturday (Memorial Day 2013) not planned that way but it seems fitting.  Anyway it was in MUCH worse shape than I had anticipated. I guess that’s what happens when you buy something from pictures only.  I was planning on just getting it road worthy and have a little fun this summer, however my plans have now changed.  Here are pics from before starting anything.

The funny thing is with as bad of overall shape the body is in there are a few parts that are strangely in GREAT shape. The cardboard glove box is 100% intact and in amazing shape. Not a spot of rust on the Tailgate or doors. Just some very minor surface rust on the hood and cowl. The motor starts and runs like a top, no smoke, tapping, or anything that would suggest issues. Well Minus the broken off oil pressure switch, and the tiny electric fan that is missing a blade tie wrapped onto the radiator. The Dash is in good shape, the wipers and heater blower motor still work too!

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