Welcome, This site is where I will document my experiences with restoring a 1980 Jeep CJ-7. I have wanted to restore a vehicle for quite a while but was never quite ready to pull the trigger.  I found this Jeep and decided that it would be a perfect project vehicle to start with. Mainly I chose this jeep because well, I wanted a jeep, and the second reason…. easily accessible replacement parts. Not to mention that for the most part the body is all flat no fancy curves. When I find a panel that needs to be repaired, it will not be difficult to cut and weld in a piece.  I do not have a garage full of specialty tools, just the standard garage stuff.  I will try to document each step as I go, along with the parts I use, where I got them, and any interesting findings along the way.

Feel free to comment with ideas and any tips, I am finding most of the information I need online, specifically at www.JeepForum.com

Thanks for visiting,