Budget and Parts List

So this is where I will keep track of the project expenses.  I am going to do this as inexpensively as possible, as I don’t have a “budget”. That is not to say that I have unlimited funds, quite opposite actually, I will be purchasing parts as needed, when I have the money available.  I watch shows all the time and they all seem to do “Low Budget Builds”, I laugh as what they consider low budget I consider high budget.  I guess, when the parts are given to you by the suppliers it is low budget, however for most of us that will not be happening. All the prices below include tax + shipping to my home in Lake County, Illinois.


ITEM              PART NUMBER               DESCRIPTION                                   COST

Jeep                CJ7               1980, I6 4spd man, hrd top                             $1200.00
Towing                                           DELIVERY                                           $250.00
Manuals 1980 Jeep Service Manuals 1980 Jeep Service Manuals $70.00
Engine Parts Various New parts to “refresh” the engine $300.00
New 84 Tub CJ7 TUB 84 Tub from California $900.00
tub delivery $325.00
Suspension RE5525T Rubicon Express 4.5″ lift w shocks $1500.00
New Frame None New Square Tube Fabricated Frame $1500.00

RUNNING TOTAL       $6045.00

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