My buddy Deacon Kallish is working on the tub for me. He is a perfectionist so I have no doubt it will turn out crazy good. I want to help so I can learn but our schedules, well mine really is crazy so he has gotten started already. There were some dents and dings, and lots of extra holes that have been welded up. Its amazing how once you get everything sanded down a body that did not look like it needed much, has way more imperfections than it seemed.
I have read about how people say there is no bondo or filler on this body. Well, unless it is brand new from the factory I don’t believe it. Let me rephrase that, If your vehicle body looks perfect I don’t believe it. Anytime you rebuild a vehicle there is going to be some filler, it may not be much but some, its part of the process of making a paint job look great. You can see from some pics it appears to be pretty thick, however once sanded flat it is really very thin.








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