Well I have been busy as of late ordering parts, oh what fun it is! I had originally contacted Quadratec to inquire about a possible discount since I was going to need so much, and inquired if any vendors were interested in supplying hardware which would be documented. I figured it never hurts to ask. Well I was told with a 2000.00 order I could get a discount. I asked them to put together all the parts for the front and rear end minus the axles, and differential gears, complete brake lines, and an upgrade to disc brakes in the rear. They told me they would work getting that put together. I’m still waiting, and they have stopped replying to my inquires. So I will be purchasing AS FEW PARTS AS POSSIBLE from those guys.
In the mean time I ordered a bunch of engine parts, mostly covers and seals, new balancer, oil pan and a few other things. I found a local welder to fabricate me a new frame, I cant wait to see it! And Ordered a Rubicon Express 4.5″ complete lift kit with shocks. So I will continue putting it all together as I receive parts.

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