Well the new, new to me anyway, body arrived via PawPrints Transportation. I found them on If you have ever seen the show “Shipping Wars” this is one of the ways they find loads. It was a pretty easy transaction all together. I originally was given a 800$ quote to ship the tub from Antelope California to my house in Lake County, Illinois. I created a shipment on set my maximum price and a few days, and a few bids later I accepted one for $300.00 All in all a pretty good way to ship large parts, as typically a company will want to pick up extra things to fill their load and offer lower cost to do so. Anyway here are the pics I was sent of the tub. The OE decided he wanted some 5×9′s in the back, and while I applaud his efforts to build the box into the tub, pretty crappy job with LOTS of silicone. Oh did I forget to mention the firewall was dented, and all out of kilter? Anyway, that just allows me to show off my metal forming skills. The best news is ABSOLUTELY NO RUST! Aside from the dented firewall, speaker boxes, and a few extra holes in the firewall?, not a bad start, shoudl have this baby ready to mount in no time.





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